Roasted Nuts

"ROIS"- selected and prepared with care and desire - especially for you!

  • Roasted Peanuts large 80g/160g/400g
  • Roasted Peanuts 80g/160g/400g
  • Roasted Peanuts in a shell 160g
  • Oil roasted Peanuts 80g/160g/400g
  • Roasted Peanuts Spicy 70g/140g/350g
  • Roasted Peanuts Honey 70g/140g
  • Roasted Almonds 70g/140g/350g
  • Smoked Almonds 70g
  • Roasted Cashew nuts 70g/140g/350g
  • Roasted Pistachios 70g/140g/350g
  • Roasted Hazelnut 70g/140g/350g
  • Roasted hazelnut with Salt 70g/350g
  • DELUXE Nuts 150g/360g
  • PREMIUM MIX 150g
  • Red Royal Mix Nuts 150g
  • Roasted Sunfloweer seeds kernels 80g/160g
  • Roasted Sunfloweer seeds kernels Dakota 80g/160g
  • Roasted peeled sunflower seeds 80g
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds 70g/140g
  • Roasted peeled pumpkin seeds 70g
  • Chickpea 80g/160g

Raw Nuts

Raw nuts are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. They are absorbed more quickly and better, while fully retain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nature has collected for us.

  • Raw Almonds 70g/140g
  • Raw Blanched Almonds 70g
  • Raw Cashew nuts 70g/140g
  • Raw Hazelnuts 70g/140g
  • Brazil Nut 70g
  • Raw nuts CLASSIC MIX 150g/300g
  • Raw nuts TROPIC MIX 150g
  • Raw nuts ASSORTI 150g/300g
  • Raw nuts TROPIC MIX 150g
  • Raw nuts EXOTIC MIX 150g
  • Raw nuts BERRY MIX 150g
  • Pine Nut kernels 80g
  • Raw peanuts 180g/400g
  • Raw peeled sunflower seeds kernels 80g/160g
  • Raw peeled pumpkin seeds kernels 80g/160g

Dried Fruits

Today you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of dried fruits because besides the traditional dried apricots, prunes, figs, raisins, on the market already are so-called "super foods" - golden berry, cranberry, goji berry, which are famous with its healing properties.

  • Golden Raisin JUMBO 80g/160g
  • Raisin Thompson JUMBO 80g/160g
  • Golden Raisins 80g/160g
  • Dark sultana Raisins 80g/160g
  • Dried sweetend Cranberry 90g/180g
  • Blueberry 80g
  • Golden berry 80g
  • Dried Cherry 80g/160g
  • Goji berry 80g
  • Dried Figs 200g
  • Dates Deglet Nour - pitted 120g
  • Dried Apricots 150g
  • Dried Prunes - pitted 150g
  • Dried Fruits MIX 200g


Variety of coated peanuts, oil roasted corn kernels and rice crackers with exceptional taste, thanks to the unique formulas and recipes, which we use.

  • Beer Nuts Original flavor 70g/160g/300g
  • Beer Nuts BBQ 70g/160g/300g
  • Beer Nuts Spicy 70g/160g/300g
  • Beer Nuts WASABI 70g/160g
  • Beer Nuts Cheese&Onion 70g/160g
  • Beer Nuts CHILI 70g
  • Fried corn SALT 80g/160g
  • Fried corn BBQ 80g/160g
  • Fried corn CHILI 80g
  • Fried corn JUMBO SALT 70g
  • Fried corn JUMBO BBQ 70g
  • Fried corn JUMBO CHILI 70g
  • Cocktail Nuts 150g/300g
  • Asia Mix Nuts 150g
  • Rice crackers KAKI NO TANE Original 70g
  • Rice crackers KAKI NO TANE & Salted peanuts 70g
  • Rice crackers KAKI NO TANE & Spicy peanuts 70g
  • Popcorn 55g/150g
  • Snack Pellets 30g/75g

Choco Dragees

Unique combination of different kind of nuts and dried fruits with white and milk chocolate. The chocolate is even healthier when mixed with nuts, which are good source of vegetable protein. Find your favorite nut “ ChocoFix ” coated with chocolate splendor .

  • Choco Peanuts 45g/80g
  • Choco Tiger peanuts 40g
  • Choco Raisins 45g/80g
  • Choco Sunflower seeds 45g
  • Choco Crispy 40g/65g
  • Choco Almonds 40g/80g
  • Choco Hazelnuts 40g/80g
  • Choco Peanuts 45g
  • Choco Balls 40g
  • Choco Assorty 80g